Corporate or Private patrons, enjoy the same single-minded focus.

Typically RNST services are sought by commercial organisations with a £5 million to £10 million profile, though this happens to be a characteristic rather than a fixed boundary. Commonly our Clients occupy the Financial, Pharmaceutical or Manufacturing sectors, though neither our experience nor our capabilities are restricted to those areas.

Our aim is to be flexible, for the simple reason that no Client is identical to another in their structure or their ambitions. Likewise, no problem or challenge will be a clone of the one that precedes or follows it. Probably the one significantly consistent thread we observe at

RNST is this: each Client is unique and deserves a unique approach.

Extending the benefit of success with an on-going non-exec option.

At RNST we specialise in project transformation. That is to say we revive sluggish performance; we restore lost direction; we energise the slow development and we kick-start new beginnings. Crucially, we have not yet met with a wayward project that could not be tamed and redirected away from the brink of failure towards the open arms of success.

So, when the problems are analysed, identified and fixed – what then? What comes next is entirely up to you. We can pack up and leave or we can remain involved in a non-exec role, helping your project team to get the very best from themselves and from their mission. As we said earlier, the only fixed thing about the way we work is that it is flexible and built entirely around the needs and preferences of our Clients.