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As you might expect, our professional armoury contains a variety of recognised skills and techniques. Our people too will be formally qualified to deliver recognised set-piece management and recovery tactics. But you can also expect us to field a few innovative personal adaptions, developed over the years with the help of long experience in the commercial arena.

More specifically, the RNST team are diverse enough to come at obstacles from a variety of directions. We commonly tackle strategic and technical project management issues but we can also switch our attention to coaching or softer issues with fluid ease. The key to a satisfactory outcome is to ensure that the pre-emptive analysis is careful, accurate and realistic before following any prescriptive correctional pathway.

RNST services – the overview and in more detail.

Whilst our collective RNST mind is always fixed on the simplistic outcome of success, we nevertheless appreciate that some Clients would like to understand more about the step-by-step component detail. No problem. A brief, general round-up of the duties we routinely expect to undertake would look something like this:

· Overview and evaluation of existing business process and procedure

· Cost versus benefit analysis and reporting of current or future projects

· Checking the alignment of strategic business objectives with tactical projects

· Optimising the efficiency of all processes with all stakeholders

· Setting clear performance goals in line with deliverables and expectations

· Developing programme strategy and mission direction - with vigour

· Assuming responsibility for programme management and controls

· Forecasting, monitoring and reporting throughout the project duration

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