One team, one aim, one vision – focused on one outcome.

Every strident team needs a strong and decisive leader. The inspiration at the heart of the RNST team is Raghu Sharma, an internationally experienced Project Director who has left his highly successful mark across a variety of sectors on different continents. With proven experience in controlling large, complex and multi-team projects Raghu is a light that shines brightly. He is well versed in dealing with the fast paced demands of modern management and commands a wealth of high-end IT disciplines.

Working in tandem with business coaches and partner Vina, Raghu continues to sculpt the RNST team into a highly skilled, highly focused and highly effective commercial force. However, despite the different skills and personalities involved within the RNST line-up, the Sharma approach dictates just one absolute given – the non-negotiable aim for all projects is that they deliver the optimum result. Anything less is not acceptable.

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